August 2014

European Wine aka What Fucking Grape Is This?


A common complaint from those getting into wine is the difficulty in determining wine styles from European countries. As I mentioned in a previous article, a lot of Old World producers are following New World trends and labeling the grape varietals on the wine label, however, there are still lots that are not.

The main targets seem to always be the holy trinity of wine: France, Italy, and Spain. While there are several reasons for this, let’s look a little bit at our current wine marketplace and technology, and see how it compares to that of hundreds of years ago. (more…)

Fundamentals of Food Pairing: Body/Weight


Wine is often described in terms of body, or weight. What this refers to is the density of the liquid in your mouth. In a resting state, you will have a small amount of saliva in your mouth. Compare the feeling of this, to how it would feel to have a sip of Bailey’s. Two extremes, but helpful to give you an idea of the texture, and weight of a liquid. (more…)

Fundamentals of Food Pairing: Tannin


Next on the list: tannins. Tannins are often confused with a low sugar wine, because:

“Tannins bind to proteins in your saliva, causing your mouth to dry up… the astringent drying sensation can be felt most clearly on the gums above your teeth…”

WSET: Understanding Style and Quality

Once you get past the difference between discerning the two, you will be faced with some challenges when pairing these wines. Some of the most well known red grape varietals will have higher tannin (Cabernet, Shiraz, Merlot) so when you are opening a bottle of these, make sure you’ve got the right food to go with it. (more…)

Fundamentals of Food Pairing: Acid

I’m going to break down some of the fundamentals of food and wine pairing in a several part series of posts here. First and foremost, we will start with acidity, both in the wine itself and the dish.

When you begin to take an interest in eating and drinking well, and learning about these two subjects, you come to realize certain truths that you would have otherwise not thought of. For example, while some people don’t like pickles, they play an important role in an all dressed hamburger. Aside from the colour and a nice crunch, pickles provide a sting of acidity. Without them (or a tomato for that matter) all you’ve got is a big chunk of ground beef and a bun. (more…)

Countries, Wine, Style


Quite often, people come to me for recommendations and seem to be too preoccupied with the origin of the wine they want. I only drink Italian wine, they say. Or, there is a specific country they simply will not drink wine from.

While ultimately this is a personal choice, and a lot of people are known to have countries or regions they tend to gravitate to (even me) they seem to be unaware of the globalization of the wine world. Hundreds of years ago, when wine was pretty much only made in Europe, styles evolved over time. Most of the wine being made up until around the 19th century would be considered undrinkable today. (more…)

Beyond Ramen & PBR


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