November 2014

Cider Lemon Pork Chops

cider pork chop

It’s no surprise to anyone that pork and apples go so well – when the two are mentioned, most people will immediately think of a whole hog spit roasting over a flame with a giant apple rammed into its mouth. Nice. (more…)

Cider Cocktails

cider cocktail

Well today is officially the first day of winter for those in the Northern Hemisphere, so this is the last chance to try some fall oriented cider cocktails. I delayed this series of posts for other stuff and come to regret it now, because most will be onto nut liqueur cocktails and eggnog, but here it is anyway because cider cocktails are great anytime. (more…)



The fall harvest, colours changing, leaves on the ground, pumpkins… It is time for cider. The history of cider is a bit shaky, but many believe it was introduced to England after the Norman invasion about 1000 years ago. Because Northern France/Southern England is too cold for the cultivation of grapes for winemaking, they had to rely on the cold resistant apples to make their drinks from. (more…)

Nut Liqueurs: Cocktails

home bar cocktails

I’m sure most of you Americans are still doing ok weather-wise, but up in Canada the temperatures are dropping steadily, and quite a few areas have had snow now for some time. Looking to warm up today with a stiff drink? Have a look at some of these nut liqueur based cocktails for the fall/winter season. (more…)