December 2014

Marsala: The Sweet Sicilian


When you start to get really interested in wine and try new things and read about it, half of it is just dispelling myths. All Riesling is sweet, all Chardonnay is heavy and oaky, Italian wines all taste like leather boots, I’ve heard it all. Well, the first time you’ve heard about Marsala is probably in a recipe with chicken. The fact is, that stuff used for cooking is cheapest of the cheap, and not a great indicator of quality. Like many other fortified wines, there are a wide range of styles and quality levels available, so with a little knowledge you’ll be able to grab something to suit your taste. (more…)

Vin Doux Naturels

map vdn

Overlooked in favour of the better known fortified wines, VDN’s have always been sleepers, and a great value as well. The name translates to naturally sweet wines, although this is misleading in that it is referring to the method of producing sweetness in the wine is natural, and not fungal. (more…)

Free Books!

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So I have just finished up my third book, “Movies & Drinks: A Night In” and have it on Amazon. For this book, I have reviewed 10 classic movies and recommended drink pairings for each of them. (more…)