February 2015

Wine and Food Pairing: Duck

smoked duck

One of the most prized game birds around, duck is a French staple, but is also seen a lot in Chinese cuisine. From seared breast to foie gras, duck is known for high fat, rich meat, and mild gaminess. Drooling yet? Scroll down and let’s talk about how we can make that meal better with some wine. (more…)

Wine and Food Pairing: Ham


Despite being heavily regulated or even outlawed in many countries in the Middle East, pork is still the number one consumed meat product worldwide. It is also the basis for charcuterie and cured meat, making it some of the most durable and longest lasting meat around. But, how does pork stand up to wine? (more…)

Wine and Food Pairing: Chicken


A home cook’s staple meat, chicken has the reputation of being dependable, reliable, and boring. But, as I will show you today, chicken can be cooked and seasoned in a thousand different ways, making it extremely versatile. Because of this, the wine/drink pairing options can be just as numbered as its preparations. (more…)

Wine and Food Pairing: Lamb


With its unmistakable taste, lamb features on the most high end restaurant’s menus as well as the most rustic of home preparations. What sets lamb apart from other red meats, is its characteristic gaminess and affinity for savoury flavours. But, the question is not whether we like lamb, but rather “what do we drink with lamb?” (more…)

Wine and Food Pairing: Salmon


One of the most common (types of) questions I’m asked are vague and general ones about pairing wine with protein. What wine is best with salmon? What wine is best with beef? Most people would give a vague answer back: white wine, red wine. Well, it’s not so simple. Salmon, like other fish and meat, can be prepared in 1000 different ways, so the wine pairings are equally numerous. (more…)

Parmigiano Reggiano a.k.a. Parmesan


In a world of knock offs, fakes, phonies, and imitators, the original Parmigiano remains top dog. With its own PDO, Parmigiano-Reggiano ensures its status will live on, and continue to provide quality cheese for everyone. Make no mistake – this is not the grated swill you dump on your overcooked spaghetti. (more…)

You, Me, and Asiago


Tucked into the northern mountainous region of Veneto, Italy is a little plateau called Asiago. Here, over 1000 years of experience goes into the production of Asiago. Over the years, the styles, production methods, and raw materials have all changed, but the name remains the same – Asiago. (more…)

Funky Friday: Blue Cheese

When it comes to cheese, a lot of people say “the stinkier the better” and I tend to agree. When it comes to funky cheeses, few can match the outright filthy feet smell that blue can. Hungry yet? This is definitely an acquired taste, but when you’re hooked, you’re on it for life. (more…)

Gouda: Another Food to Mispronounce


Like many other delicious things, Gouda is often mispronounced, misunderstood, and… well, expensive. But, don’t worry, the correct pronunciation sounds dumb, most people don’t say it that way, and you’ll probably get made fun of for saying it right anyways. (more…)

Cheese Primer: All About That Cheddar


Ah, the noble cheddar. One of the most popular, and corrupted cheeses of all time. Frequently seen in its unholy bright orange incarnations vacuum packed in Kraft bags, the cheddar has seen better times, but thanks to profusely tattooed hipsters with beards, artisanal cheese is making a comeback. (more…)