June 2015

Summer Wine: Picpoul de Pinet

picpoul de pinet

Over the last decade or two, there has been a return to the obscure and indigenous grape varietals of old regions. Tired of the usual Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, consumers are looking for cool new styles with names they’ve never heard of and flavours they have yet to taste. One of these up and coming wines is Southern France’s “Picpoul de Pinet”. (more…)

Classic Cuisine: Southern Italian

margherita pizza

While Italian food is by far one of the most popular cuisines worldwide, many of the dishes it has become known for are southern in origin. Specifically, spaghetti and pizza are local specialties of Naples in Campania. Aside from this, many of these famous “Italian” dishes have influences from other countries, and are new. Tomatoes were only introduced to the Italian diet after the 18th century, after the discovery of the Americas. Can you imagine Italian food without tomatoes? (more…)

Classic Cuisine: Northern Italian

italy food map

Italian food just might be the most popular “ethnic” food in the world, but there is a lot more to it than pizza and pasta. As Italy is a long and narrow country, there are many differences region to region in terms of food. What is traditional and classic in one area, may be unheard of just a few towns over. So, what is special about Northern Italy? (more…)

Classic Cuisine: Southern French

southern french

So, you’ve got northern French food pretty much down pat, but what separates it from the south? What are some classic dishes and preparations, ingredients, or even wine pairings? And, how do you know when you’ve *really* gotten to the south? (more…)

Classic Cuisine: Northern French

French food

For most people, when they think of high end dining and “fancy food” they tend to think of France. With their incredible history and intimidating menus, made up of largely unpronounceable words, nothing screams classic cuisine like French food.