September 2015

Classic Wines: Muscadet


Depending on who you ask, the wine region of Muscadet in France is either “unknown” or a total classic. Famous for their light and crisp white wines that are a natural match with seafood, Muscadet offers great value wines with an interesting twist. (more…)

Classic Wines: Southern Rhone Reds

southern rhone

When most people think of wine, the areas of the Mediterranean usually first come to mind. The palm trees, the ocean, olive groves and vines… everything seems to come together. The Mediterranean coast of France is home to the first vineyards in the country, where the Romans saw great potential in the area. Thousands of years later, there is still a buzz and excitement about the region. (more…)

Classic Wines: Red Burgundy


Ever since “Sideways” was released in 2004, wine geeks and newbies alike have flocked to Pinot Noir. New life was breathed into this ancient grape, and its spiritual home of Burgundy in France. Pinot Noir became the new hot grape in wine, with its smooth and easy drinking style. But, Burgundy is also the most notoriously difficult wine region in the world. What’s the scoop? (more…)

Classic Wines: Rioja


Spain: we’re all familiar with the country. It’s all tapas and bullfighting, right? While known for so much, its wines are usually passed over for the famous French or Italian offerings. But, with thousands of years of history and a unique wine culture, Spain has lots to discover. (more…)

Classic Wines: Barolo/Barbaresco


When people think of Italy, and Italian wine specifically, pictures of rugged coastlines, olive groves, and vineyards winding into the horizon come to mind. But, up in the hills of Piedmont close by the Alps lies a different landscape, with much different wines – Barolo and Barbaresco. (more…)

Classic Wines: Chianti


One of the most classic wines around, it would only make sense to kick off this new series with the mighty Chianti. During the 1970s it seems Chianti got a bad rap as cheap table wine, with its straw basket wrapped around the bottle and plopped onto checkered table cloths all over the country – a lot has changed. One of Italy’s most recognized wines, if not the world’s, Chianti has risen back to greatness. But, what makes it so classic? (more…)