October 2015

Classic Spirits: Scotch


Scotch, just like its French counterpart Cognac, has a long history of being an expensive drink for stuffy old men with accents. I’m sure we all like sitting by the fire reading Charles Dickens with a drink but with 5 regions and over 500 years of history, not much has changed for this legendary spirit from Scotland… or has it?   (more…)

Classic Spirits: Gin


Gin – it certainly isn’t for everyone. Much like the comedy of Jim Carrey, eating cold pizza, or horror movies from the 80s, with Gin you either love it or hate it. This classic spirit has its roots in England and the UK, but today its made all over the world. So, what’s all the fuss about? (more…)

Classic Spirits: Cognac


For hundreds of years, Cognac has been known as the top drink for rich people all over the world. This world class French spirit has been talked about, rapped about, written about, and drank by all those who can afford it. But, isn’t it just brandy? (more…)

Classic Spirits: Bourbon


Back in the bad old days of American colonization, hordes of immigrants from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the like piled onto the shores of North America. Being from Northern Europe, too cold for grape growing, they took they whisky heritage with them. Putting their own spin on it, these new Americans created what today is known as Bourbon. (more…)

Classic Spirits: Rum


There is nothing better than a good pirate story, and everyone knows you can’t have a pirate story without rum in it. For hundreds of years, rum and pirates have been so closely associated it’s hard to imagine one without the other. Made famous in such drinks like the Mojito and Daiquiri, but Rum is so much more… (more…)

Classic Spirits: Vodka


For years, vodka sat on the bottom shelves of liquor cabinets and store shelves, passed over as anything and everything else was picked over. Fast forward to today, where vodka is one of the hottest spirits around, with every flavour imaginable being thrown into it. There is even a big market for pure, high end versions. But, where does it come from?

Classic Wines: Beaujolais


For years, the region of Beaujolais has gotten a bad rap thanks to the light and very chuggable Beaujolais Nouveau wines. Whether you like them or not, there is no denying that that isn’t all Beaujolais has to offer – whites, roses, and even cellar worthy reds. (more…)

Classic Wines: Sauternes


France might be known for a lot of their wines, but usually the sweet stuff isn’t the first to come to mind. A classic in the true sense of the word, Sauternes is one of the greatest dessert wines of the world. But, how it gets its characteristic flavours and sweetness might shock you. (more…)

Classic Wines: Vouvray


Moving along the banks of the Loire River in France, we find ourselves in the appellation of Vouvray. Made strictly from Chenin Blanc, these rich and high acid wines are known to age for decades. Dry, off dry, sweet, and even bubbly, Vouvray has to be one of the most versatile appellations in the world. (more…)