November 2015

Classic Beer: Stout


Nowadays most people think of Guinness whenever stout comes up, but the beer style has been around long before the famous Irish brew was first made. Another old school English beer, stout is one of the traditional dark beers of the world that has been warming people up for almost five centuries. (more…)

Classic Beer: Pilsner


Beer might have been invented thousands of years ago, but it was only until the 19th century that the first Pilsner was created. Now, the pale lager style makes up about 2/3 of the beer produced in the world, and it can all be traced back to a small village in Central Europe. (more…)

Classic Beer: Wheat

wheat beers

Germany has contributed so much to the beer world it is sometimes hard to keep up. The wheat beer, one of their better styles, was so popular that even the German beer purity law of 1516 (!) was changed to allow the addition of wheat. (more…)

Classic Beer: India Pale Ale


Today, the IPA or India Pale Ale is better known as the craft brewer’s go-to style. Fresh, hoppy, and very citrus, it’s become the benchmark for modern styles of beer. But, its history goes way back, and believe it or not, there’s a good reason for all those hops and alcohol. (more…)

Classic Liqueurs: Chartreuse


Nothing plays up a good story and gets people intrigued like a “secret” recipe handed down for centuries by monks living in the mountains. In the foothills of the Alps in Eastern France, Carthusian Monks have been making Chartreuse for hundreds of years. In long white hooded robes, two brothers carry out the mysterious duties of making and distilling the drink for the world… (more…)

Classic Liqueurs: Jagermeister


When Jagermeister was launched in 1935, never in a million years would anyone have predicted it to become as popular with English speaking North Americans decades later. With over 50 herbs and spices, it is one of the most complex liqueurs and drinks around, being used in everything from cocktails to marinades to Jager bomb shots. (more…)

Classic Liqueurs: Baileys


From a simple glass on the rocks with dessert, Irish Car Bombs, to summertime blended drinks, Baileys has been the top cream liqueur since its release over 40 years ago. But, like so many other great drinks, its use is not just limited to behind the bar. (more…)

Classic Liqueurs: Kahlua


The original coffee liqueur, Kahlua has enjoyed a spot on bars and in liquor cabinets the world over for nearly a century now. An absolute “must have” for every bar, this drink has earned the title of classic liqueur, being used in many old school cocktails, recipes, and even chocolates. But, there’s more to this Mexican booze than you think. (more…)