December 2015

The Wines of Mendoza

mendoza wine

With some of the highest vineyards in the world at over 10,000 feet, Mendoza is the heart and soul of the Argentine wine industry. Up here in the Andes Mountains, French, Italian, and Spanish grapes mingle and create a unique wine identity with as much history as there is future potential. (more…)

The Wines of Oregon


Once thought to be way too cold for quality winemaking, Oregon has recently exploded in popularity for their dead ringer Burgundy styled wines. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay have made them famous, but this wine region in the northern US isn’t a one trick pony. (more…)

The Wines of British Columbia

bc wines

Far from the cool inland Niagara Peninsula, British Columbia sports a much warmer climate and has some of the burliest red wines made in Canada. With a country as big as Canada, BC wines have more in common with their southern neighbours Washington and Oregon than they do their own Canadian bottlings. So, where to begin? (more…)

The Wines of Napa Valley


Known today as one of the world’s great wine regions, Napa has seen a lot of hard times. Through Spanish missions, phylloxera, drought, prohibition, and the Great Depression, it came out stronger than ever. With over 150 years of winemaking history, it has only been around 40 years since anyone took the Napa Valley seriously. (more…)

The Wines of Niagara Peninsula


Who knew Canada made wine? The oldest and most important wine growing region in Canada, the Niagara Peninsula is right across the border from New York State. In the shadow of Niagara Falls, the Niagara Peninsula sports a cool climate with plenty of different soils that come together to create great food friendly and aromatic wines. (more…)