March 2016

The Wines of Liguria

cinque terre

Just south of Piedmont, Liguria have historically enjoyed the same Mediterranean vacation popularity as just across the border in Provence. With most of the local wine being casually sipped by tourists on boats and in cafes, not much is left for the rest of us. But, what does make it outside the country is worth tracking down. (more…)

The Wines of Veneto


Just a stone’s throw away from Venice is one of Italy’s most well known wine regions. Amarone, Valpolicella, and Prosecco all come from this northern corner of the country, and their unique drying process makes some of the most distinct wines in the world. (more…)

The Wines of Piedmont


Moving along the Alps and into Italy, is one of the most important wine regions of the country: Piedmont. Named after the Alps, which it lies “at the foot” of, Piedmont is home to Barolo, Barbaresco, Asti, and many more. (more…)