Classic Beer: Stout


Nowadays most people think of Guinness whenever stout comes up, but the beer style has been around long before the famous Irish brew was first made. Another old school English beer, stout is one of the traditional dark beers of the world that has been warming people up for almost five centuries. (more…)

Classic Beer: Pilsner


Beer might have been invented thousands of years ago, but it was only until the 19th century that the first Pilsner was created. Now, the pale lager style makes up about 2/3 of the beer produced in the world, and it can all be traced back to a small village in Central Europe. (more…)

Classic Beer: Wheat

wheat beers

Germany has contributed so much to the beer world it is sometimes hard to keep up. The wheat beer, one of their better styles, was so popular that even the German beer purity law of 1516 (!) was changed to allow the addition of wheat. (more…)

Classic Beer: India Pale Ale


Today, the IPA or India Pale Ale is better known as the craft brewer’s go-to style. Fresh, hoppy, and very citrus, it’s become the benchmark for modern styles of beer. But, its history goes way back, and believe it or not, there’s a good reason for all those hops and alcohol. (more…)

Asian Hooch: Sake


As the drink of choice at sushi bars from coast to coast, sake enjoys novelty status but not much attention is paid to it outside of Japanese restaurants. The thing is, wine is hard enough to understand, why complicate it by learning about sake? Well, sake is not complicated at all to understand, and is often cheaper than wine!


Wine and Food Pairing: Cheese Guide

wine and cheese

Wine and cheese pairing are one of the top things that people are interested in terms of food. The history of wine and cheese dates back millennia, and seeing as how most cheese production is centered around European wine producing nations, it goes without saying how well the two go together. But, there are bad pairings too, so follow a few simple guidelines and learn how to maximize enjoyment and minimize blog reading.


Wine and Food Pairing: Shellfish


Summer might feel like a million miles away, but it is never a bad time to consider your options and learn about wine pairing with shellfish. Whatever your choice is, scallops, shrimp, lobster, crab, or anything else, there is a wine (or two) that goes perfectly with it.


Wine and Food Pairing: Beef

Simply put, beef is the only red meat that matters. From the lowly hamburger up to thick cuts of luxurious  filet mignon, beef is the cornerstone of western civilization, and my personal favourite meat to cook with. Nearly as versatile as chicken, beef is seen in cuisines all over the world, and for good reason. Let’s get right into this, and talk about classic beef dishes along with wine pairings. (more…)

Wine and Food Pairing: Chicken


A home cook’s staple meat, chicken has the reputation of being dependable, reliable, and boring. But, as I will show you today, chicken can be cooked and seasoned in a thousand different ways, making it extremely versatile. Because of this, the wine/drink pairing options can be just as numbered as its preparations. (more…)

Wine and Food Pairing: Salmon


One of the most common (types of) questions I’m asked are vague and general ones about pairing wine with protein. What wine is best with salmon? What wine is best with beef? Most people would give a vague answer back: white wine, red wine. Well, it’s not so simple. Salmon, like other fish and meat, can be prepared in 1000 different ways, so the wine pairings are equally numerous. (more…)