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“Beyond Ramen & PBR: The Bachelor’s Guide to Food and Wine Pairing”

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This bachelor’s guide to quick, easy meals and tasty intoxicating wine is one click away. Whether you want to impress a lady friend, or throw a dinner party for a few people this book has you covered.

Beyond Ramen & PBR includes salads, appetizers, fish dishes, meat dishes, and main courses. I have collected my best, easiest, and most wine friendly meals that you can throw together in less than 20 minutes.

This book offers you:

The Components of Wine and How the Pros Taste
All You Need To Know About Wine Pairing
Nine Fast and Delicious Recipes
The History and Fundamentals of Major Wine Styles
Tasting Notes For All Wine Pairings
Pictures For All Recipes

And So Much More…

“Fall Cocktails: 18 Drinks to Keep You Warm”


Looking for a great way to keep warm this fall season? Pick up this cocktail book and a few bottles from the liquor store, and pour yourself some warmth.

Alcohol – It’s nature’s blanket.

Including exciting, seasonal flavours such as:

  • chocolate
  • cinnamon
  • spice
  • hazelnut
  • apple
  • butterscotch
  • and many more…

“Movies & Drinks: A Night In”

movies drinks

Do you like to drink while watching movies? Me too! Everyone knows food and alcohol go well together, but what about movies and alcohol?

In this book, I review 10 classic movies, and recommend 10 drinks to enhance the movie experience. Inside, you will find hilarious and enlightening commentary on movies, as well as their perfect alcohol counterpart.

Discover new movies, drinks, cocktails, and wines as you learn about the art of pairing alcohol and cinema.

Holiday Bubbles: Sparkling Wine Cocktails”

holiday bubbles

Sparkling wine is synonymous with the holiday season, but why not mix it up and use it in a cocktail instead?

In this festive book, you will learn the difference between sparkling wine styles, why Champagne is so expensive, along with a handful of easy sparkling wine based cocktails.

Pick up a copy, pop a bottle, and enjoy sparkling wine like you never have before!


“Takeout Food & Wine: The Pairing Guide

takeout food wine

Are you interested in food and wine pairings?

Do you enjoy wine, but don’t like to cook?

Do you enjoy cooking, but are just in the mood for a little takeout?

Do you find pairing food and wine overwhelming, especially when having with exotic cuisines like Indian or Vietnamese?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.
In this book, I have broken down the nine most common takeout cuisines and their three most popular dishes, giving expert wine pairings for each one.

That’s a total of 27 different dishes analyzed and given wine recommendations for each one.
Treat yourself to a gourmet meal in the comfort of your own home, all without breaking the bank. All of the wines mentioned in the book will cost less than some fast food burger and fries.

Takeout Foods & Wine: The Pairing Guide

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