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I was once like you – bright eyed, naive, and only the cheapest stuff would do. Maybe you’re fresh out of university, and are looking for a step up from the usual swill you drink, and canned noodles you eat. I was once like that.

Maybe you’ve had a few craft beers and are looking to navigate the maze of labels and terms. Recently, you went out for a family dinner and ended up having the craziest wine you’ve ever tried. You have seven glasses of it, and don’t remember what the hell it was called or where it was from. Remember that bone marrow on toast with parsley vinaigrette you had a few weeks ago at the hipster bar? Of course you do.

It’s time to step it up; you’re not a young man or lady anymore. No more 40oz beers. No more mac and cheese. Welcome to Beyond Ramen & PBR – we’re here to help.

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